ICT and Pedagogical Development

Hi every one!!

Had the best day yesterday with the team of teachers from over the world discussing on the issues of ICT and Pedagogical Development and as well as the issues or problems we face while integrating ICT in teaching and Learning.

The evidence from the research literature shows that teachers’ pedagogies and pedagogical reasoning influence their uses of ICT and thereby pupils’ attainment.  The way ICT is used in lessons is influenced by the teachers’ knowledge about their subject and how ICT is related to it. Some teachers choose ICT resources that relate to a particular topic, while others use ICT to present the pupils’ work in an innovative way, without any direct application to the topic.


2 thoughts on “ICT and Pedagogical Development

  1. The evidence shows that when teachers use their knowledge of both the subject and the way pupils understood the subject, their use of ICT has a more direct effect on pupils’ attainment.


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